TWO MASSES: €1,865.00

With severe drought gripping many parts of East Africa, millions of people are facing starvation in the coming months. The severity and scale of the crisis is unprecedented in recent decades. Combined conflict and drought has left almost 25 million people in East Africa requiring immediate emergency food aid.

The two worst affected countries in the region are Somalia and South Sudan, but parts of Ethiopia and Kenya are also badly hit. Ongoing conflict in South Sudan and Somalia has displaced millions of people and severely disrupted the food system.

Climate change is also a huge factor. The region is experiencing a prolonged drought due to the multiple failures of rain over two years. Without the rain, crops have not grown and animals have died. This is causing huge suffering to the people.
Trócaire has teams working in all four affected countries – South Sudan, Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia. We are bringing emergency food aid into the worst-hit communities and helping people to survive the current crisis.

Working with local church groups, we will do what we can, with the funds available to us to reach thousands of families over the coming months. We must respond and every cent makes a massive difference.
We will provide emergency food baskets to struggling families in the weeks and months to come, provide schools, health units and communities with water, whilst also distributing drought-tolerant seeds and tools for people to plant crops. Without these interventions, the cycle of hunger will simply continue and deepen.

An Emergency Collection in aid of Trócaire’s work in East Africa will take place in our Parish on the weekend 22nd- 23rd July. Nearly 25 million people in Somalia, Kenya, South Sudan and Ethiopia are currently in urgent need of food and water due to drought. Trócaire is reaching over 150,000 people across the region with emergency food, water and sanitation. Needs are enormous - please support our appeal and help us reach more people with
life-saving aid.






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